Tuesday, February 28, 2012

going somewhere...

um, YES! The last few weeks have been a bustle of activity. I have a love/hate relationship with logistics, busyness, and a full schedule. On one hand- time flies, we get out of our usual rut, I see people. On the other hand- my DVR gets full and I really want to sit on the couch and watch mindless tv. Our last few weeks have included: a visit from Nana and Big Daddy, a delightful gathering of college friends in Birmingham (Isaac and James had some quality time together), catching up with family in Kosy, and a shower for a beloved high school friend. Unfortunately, I did a terrible job remembering my camera (or taking it out of it's case when I did remember it). So this is all I have to show...

I met these precious babies in Birmingham. How funny to see them "interact."

As for what we have been doing while at home, here it is...
 James was very quiet while playing a few days ago, and this usually means trouble...so I found him re-handed with tea bags. He was very proud.
 His current favorite playing spot (under the dining room table)
 When I tell James to go to his chair, he always chooses the booster seat, rather than the high chair. I guess he prefers to smear his mess on the table rather than a tray! Check out that wild hair. Does he need a haircut or what?!
 Best investment in a long time- James has spent quite a bit of time in his sand box over the last few days. I have perched in the chair next to it and watched.

And our big news is....drum roll...Isaac and I are taking an adults only vacation in 7 days!!! Yippee...

Monday, February 13, 2012

we have royalty in our midst

Make way for the queen...that's right, my mother was crowned the 2012 Charity Ball queen. Isn't she stunning?! We enjoyed a night of celebration in Kosciusko. Mom was beautiful and we are very proud of her. She does so much for the community and her city and received her well deserved recognition.

Sunday we enjoyed playing with cousins, exploring the front yard and a yummy lunch at Nana and Big Daddy's house.

The Byrds have spent some quality time at Fed Ex Forum lately cheering on the Grizzlies.

We have a busy February ahead, so I'm enjoying a day at home with James (and a special visit from Emily and Ed!).