Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Grandparents' Day

At PDO (parent's day out) last week, they celebrated Grandparents' Day. What a sweet thing to do, right? Well, I found myself sad that little James would be the only one there (I'm sure he wouldn't be alone and I'm sure he wouldn't notice) without his grandparents.
Thankfully, my mother came to the rescue, as usual. She took James to Kosciusko for a few nights, so I could get some extra work done (that's another story...I've been spending a lot of time with the elderly). So, James was spared being the "poor kid without grandparents," and instead he had a week/weekend full of love by both sets of grandparents. Unfortunately, I don't have documentation from the Byrds...the camera stayed in the car.

Playing on Maw Maw's front porch. He made a mess in a hurry. Note the small dog, Buddy...Buddy is rumored to be the catalyst for James' crawling (I didn't witness it). Buddy let James feed him, pull his hair and crawl all over him...he's quite good natured!

 This may not be the safest activity, but we were raised on the mower! I can remember riding with mom as she cut the grass many, many times. Doesn't he look content?

 Are these 2 not the happiest guys on the block. James made his debut at M&F. He loved crawling down the wide open hallway. Big Daddy was a great hit with James, as always!

As far as our life here in Memphis, let me tell you it is SO busy. James is pulling up, cruising, and into everything. When I finally sit down (like now), I get really sleepy (I will probably be asleep in 15 minutes). But, I will say, this stage is my favorite. I'll trade a still infant for a busy 9 month old any day! James goes to the pediatrician for a belated 9 month check up...I'm curious as to how he will "weigh in;" this boy loves to eat.

He looks like he's getting into something...right?!

Off to bed:).

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Go Rebels

As I type this, BYU has taken the lead. I hope by the time I finish blogging, the Rebels improve their game and come out on top. Until then, I'll fill you in on our christening of football season, at least for Isaac. This week has included: fantasy football draft, Memphis/MSU game at the Liberty Bowl, Grove grocery shopping/planning/cooking, game day pancakes, a day in the Grove with friends and family, Ole Miss football game (outcome to still be determined), and a very sleepy boy. I must admit I went into the day very, very skeptical as to how James (I) would handle a full, hot day in the Grove. He was dirty and tired, but I was pleasantly surprised. It may take me weeks to gather up enough energy to go back, but it was (for the most part) pretty successful--meaning few tears and no major breakdowns.

Now, for the visual documentation...

 ESPN game day in his jersey and diaper
 Seeing Ed, Emily, and Abigail (we also saw Michael and Katy)
 Meeting Trammell and visiting with Amanda and Lauren
 Hanging out with D
Too tired to stay awake any longer! Isn't he peaceful when he sleeps!?

Not looking good Rebels...