Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Halloween was so fun. We dressed James up as "Super Grizz" or just a Memphis Grizzlies bball player. He had a blast, and quickly figured out how to get the most candy in one grab. 

 SLA was a trooper and hung out with us for the night. James quickly asked for her "hand" and pulled her along.

Happy Halloween! Go Grizz!

airplanes, fun and family

James and I had quite an adventure this weekend. We survived flying, a lay-over, no nap, and the Atlanta airport. It was not easy feat...headaches, sweating, some screaming, and a lot of "taking deep breaths" (that was me, not James). But- it was so worth it. We had a fabulous weekend in Greensboro with the Whites. James and Swinton had a blast. They played hard and negotiated the world of sharing. Greensboro is full of great kid-friendly activities. Here is a quick overview...

 Fun with flashlights (the favorite toy of the weekend, thankfully Jen had 2!)
 The fountain at the Science Center

 Brushing a goat at the science center

We also went to the park, children's museum, Chick-fil-a (where "moo" gave "fives"), City Church, fed the ducks at the Bog Garden. And, yes, we did it all in 2 and 1/2 days.

This was James on Monday when we arrived home. Thanks, Jen and Jim for letting us crash for a couple of days. I know we wore you out and your house may never be the same. It was a blast!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

update on the napping situation

Well, he took a nap! He was rewarded with a call to Daddy at work, a call to Nana, and a pack of cookies.
Today I promised him a cupcake if he napped at PDO. When I picked him up this afternoon, the first thing he said was "cupcake." Apparently bribery works.

I can't make this turn around, but it says "He must have really wanted that cupcake!"

I guess promises for sugar make an impact on this almost 2 year old. I just hope I haven't started something that I can't stop!