Tuesday, October 30, 2012

just when you think you have it figured out...

it all changes. I must admit, life for the Byrds had gotten a little too good. James was enjoying a long night's sleep, napping for 2 hours after lunch. Then, wham, he decides to play in his bed for hours...literally 2 or more hours of playing, talking, jumping and NO sleeping. Then whammo, he decided to take his clothes off during nap time (including the very essential diaper). Then,  oh yes, there is more, he decided to stop napping at school and to make lots of noise and wiggle during nap time. What have I tried? Well so far, napping early, napping late, napping with books/toys/etc., napping with nothing but his "gusty" (short for disgusting) bunny, spanking (yep), ignoring, letting my mother put him down for a nap. I mean what is left, right?? Well, tomorrow I am trying my last idea- sleeping in the pack and play (less room to play) and sleeping in a sleep sack (thanks to a loaner from a friend)- oh yes they make them in XL. (If you don't know what that is, check this out.)


Can you imagine James is that thing? He will hate it. I'll let you know how project "keep you clothes on and take a nap" goes tomorrow. For now, James is falling asleep as he eats his dinner (it's only 5:30).

Moral of the story...you NEVER have it figured out!

Monday, October 22, 2012

i love the camera

fake smiling with his "pumpkin patch" (as he calls it)...

fall 2012

what have you been doing lately...a better question is, what have you not been doing lately. here are a few pictures of our late summer/early fall. 

we had the best beach trip ever. isaac thought i was being a bit overly optimistic about going to the beach with an almost 2 year old. but it was a huge success (he even said it was our best vacation yet). james loved the sand, water, sea gulls, and his aunt and uncle (who joined us for a few days). the car ride home was less successful- think 8 hours in the car and a 45 minute nap...but it was totally worth it.

we drove for 30+ minutes to jones orchard, got a little lost, picked a few apples and drove home. it wasn't as idyllic as the pictures might suggest and my homemade applesauce and apple pie were less than stellar. but, we have some cute pictures. james really loved the long stick for grabbing apples, he also may have grabbed our friends, dallas and john! 

i have no visual documentation to prove that we took james to a game because my hands were too busy trying to keep him in his seat or keep him from hitting the lady in front of him with a pom pom. let's just say that we left at halftime of the auburn game and drove back to memphis. he loved it but he wanted to "get down" and get on the field. he prefers hands on, yard football not spectator football. we enjoyed the 2 games without james a little more and actually watched those games.