Friday, July 15, 2011

We are feeling the HEAT

Not only are we feeling the 100+ weather, James's internal temp is up too. The week has been spent with a lot of Motrin and Tylenol. Apparently, James suffered from the "summertime flu" and on top of that, has not 1, not 2...but THREE teeth coming in. It's always baffled me when women said "oh, he must be teething," but I now understand that every one of those pearly whites comes with pain (not just for the child but for the parents too). So, I would be happy if all of his teeth came in at one time and it was over.

So, after a few days not working and cooped up together indoors. James and I were delighted to have an outing today to....Target! Does it get more exciting than that?!

As I was feeling sorry for myself and how exhausting it is to care for a sick child (thank you mom for all your years of patiently nursing us)...I ran across this blog. I think I'm tired...check out these women's schedules. She is featuring a variety of working mothers and their daily schedules. It's pretty interesting. Made me tired just to read it.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July

I have been a terrible documenter lately. When I have my camera, I don't use it and when I want it, I don't have it with me.

Saturday, we loaded up and drove to Pickwick for the day. James was zipped into a gigantic "infant" lifejacket (wish I had my camera). We had to unzip it so he could see out of the top. He bobbed in the lake briefly. Gerber puffs kept him going for a while but didn't keep the tears away. We had one major meltdown on the boat before he fell asleep from exhaustion.

Sunday, James looked pretty handsome, so I took a picture. This kid is going to think he was always alone with a camera, since we seem to only take pictures of him solo!
Backtracking a little...below is a fabulous party favor received at Allie Callicutt's 1st birthday party. Please ignore the drool.
 And here we are all decked out in patriotic colors, ready for the neighborhood "parade." James napped through most of the festivities, which I did not wake him up for! So, we made it in time for a few patriotic tunes and a quick chat with a neighbor.
 The weekend ended with Isaac cooking dinner and James relaxing in the swing.

By the way, is he huge or what? This week at daycare, he has been placed in a room with older kids. Some of the them are crawling and walking, and they are all either the same size or smaller than James. What happened to that tiny baby?!

Summer Reading

For my birthday, I bought myself a Kindle.
I have put it to good use this summer and find I read much more. A couple of clicks, a few seconds and you have a new book loaded and ready to go! 
So, here is my summer reading recommendation list. Please, no highly intellectual books here. This truly is a "good beach read" kind of list. 

1. The Paris Wife (Paul McClain)
I read this before seeing Midnight in Paris. They are a great combo. It will make you want to plan your European vacation.

2. Room (Emma Donoghue) 

3.Unbroken (Laura Hillenbrand)

4. Bossypants (Tina Fey)
I couldn't help but laugh obnoxiously loud so Isaac would ask what was so funny. 

I'm working on one right  now but don't have high hopes for it making the recommended summer reading list...