Monday, August 22, 2011

these are a few of my favorite things

Why do we even bother to buy kids toys? Here are a few of James's favorite "toys." A computer cord (all cords for that matter), Grizzlies koozie, remote control (only the one that works), a shoe horn, ANY of George's toys, (not pictured) my house keys.

Added to the list today...a fly swatter.
I realize that quite a few of these are not very clean, but I'll take my chances for 10 minutes of a independently play time!

Little James is beginning to push the limits a little. We have told him "no" and "stop" more times than I care to count to keep him from...falling, pulling lamps over, getting into dog food, etc. Yesterday, he was quietly playing and this is where we found him. (There is a lamp cord behind that table that he LOVES). I recognize that getting the camera is probably not the right reaction...but, you can't help but smile at his "caught in the act" face.

Just another reminder that we are all sinners; even little James wants what is fun and exciting for him. No one likes to be told "no," even 8 1/2 month olds. I find myself praying more and more for his heart, that he will never know a day when he didn't love Jesus...and that we, as parents will know how to train him in the way he should go. It is a task too big for us alone...

Monday, August 15, 2011

Can I come over??

One of my favorite things about my job is feeding therapy. Without getting into all of the details as to what exactly it is and why I love it, I will tell you that I have been using all of my "skills" with James lately. I must be pretty good at my job (or James inherited a great appetite). 

Today at beans, cantaloupe, and yogurt. 
 Does he look happy or what?!

He also devours: cheese, soft bread, any kind of small cereal, goldfish, all baby foods (yep, even the yucky green ones), peaches, banana, beans (most kinds of beans), corn, graham crackers...the list goes on. I'm still working on cooked carrots and avocado. 

James is also very much on the move. He has discovered electrical plugs and is quite fascinated. He also entertains himself by sticking his hands in George's dog food and water bowl (this gets quite the reaction from me). Wouldn't you just love to have him over?! I'm sure his teachers are loving this silly goose. He started Parents' Day Out at Second Baptist 2 days a week while I work. He is still "adjusting!"

And a little picture to end on...this was right before he reached for the laptop cord!

And here he is after his second day of "school"
Notice George in the background staring at the squirrels in the neighbor's yard. Quite the protector!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

James is crawling!

After spending a few days with his older cousin, Swinton (10 months), James decided he needed to increase his mobility. After a few days at home practicing, he is quite mobile.

Out highlights from July include:
- crawling
- 4 new teeth (all on the top)
- fever virus and the stomach virus (2 different weeks)...we are loving daycare!!
- eating more and more table food (veggies from pot roast, creamed corn, avocado, graham crackers, cheerios and much more)
- we are desperately working on independent play...not going so well
- finger feeding
- pulling to stand on the bed (the crib was dropped today)
- fun times with cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents
- swimming, splashing, and floating in the pool
- growling (yep, he growls) and "talking..."no babbling yet, please don't think of it as a reflection on my professional skills, James is limited to vowel sounds unless he is crying, then he sounds like he's saying "mama"
- sitting in the shopping cart (without needing to be propped up

It has been a full month. Her are a few pictures
 Nana with James and Swinton
 Check out those teeth!! Beware, he bites.
What a crew...James (8 months), Rachel (4 months), Burton (2 1/2), Swinton (10 months) and Sarah (almost 4)