Friday, August 17, 2012


Do you remember these...
well, they were blanched, cooled, packaged, and frozen until...the freezer came unplugged and they rotted. So, if you would like to know how my ultradomestic phase is going...just know that it is over, at least for this year.

On a more exciting note. Here is what little James is up to these days. He is obsessed with firetrucks, choo-choos and diggers (is he a boy or what?). Mom took him to see the firetrucks in Kosciusko. It was a big hit.

 We spent a morning at the Neshoba County Fair with Marianna and Benji. Do you think James is getting too old for me to encourage him to kiss everyone??
 James rolled (literally) in sawdust, saw the sad animals at the petting zoo, and ran around like a wild man. It was great to see friends and catch up amidst chasing a toddler.
 After the fair, James and I headed back to Kosciusko where James had an encounter with a bee. See left eye! He was a trooper but screamed for quite a while.
 This is him the morning should see the other guy.
 As you can see by my documentation, our summer has been full of minor injuries. See right eye. James crashed into the back of the couch (after throwing all of the pillows off). He also has mastered looking into the camera and saying "cheese."
 This is what we did this morning while enjoying not getting dressed until...well, too late to mention.
By the way, guess who slept on a mat at parents' day out this week....impressive!! Nothing too excited, just a little glimpse into our humdrum daily life here on Wallace Rd.