Saturday, April 28, 2012

the Byrds lately

You would think with all of the packing I've done over the last several weeks, I would be efficient. Not the case. Last weekend we traveled back to Louisville to visit with the Adam Byrd clan. It was cold, I went to Wal-Mart and James and I wore the same thing all weekend. Thankfully, our family didn't seem to notice or mind. (On the positive side, winter clothes at Wal-Mart, while not abundant or attractive, were on sale!) We had a blast watching these cousins interact, play and get to know each other. And as always, we love seeing the Brownlee clan...they are great babysitters and entertainers for James. Leah and Tal Hendrix also made the trip up from Jackson to see the Byrds. We were sad to say goodbye to our family up north, and we eagerly await their move back to Miss in 5 short years!! Here are a few pictures.

Yesterday, I had the privilege of hearing my niece and friend, Katy defend her thesis for the Honors College. She did a fabulous job, as expected. James and I enjoyed seeing most of the Hartman kiddos and Nana and Big Daddy. James played with some cool college kids in the Grove while I heard Katy present. He was so entertained, he didn't want to leave. It wore him out, and he slept long and hard this morning. But, his energy is back and this is where I found him earlier today...what a helper!

Isaac and I are gearing up for the NBA playoffs game Sunday night. Isaac asked me to make sure my jersey is clean (yes, I have a jersey and I will be wearing it).

Happy Saturday!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Haircut and artwork

The week has flown by, as they seem to do these days. We have unpacked, and I'm currently packing again to head to Louisville to see some very missed cousins! It has been an eventful week at the Byrd house, at least for James.

Wednesday, I took James to the High Point Barber Shop for his first "real" haircut. I tried to take a picture, but in the midst of holding his hands down, putting food in his mouth and trying to keep everyone calm, the picture on my phone was only a blur. But, I did get an after shot. He looks so much older. I hope to not have to relive the haircut experience for a while.

 Today, while I attempted to get the kitchen clean, James attempted a little artwork. He's about as neat as his mother. After this was taken, he proceeded to draw on the table and his stomach. I'm thankful for washable markers.
Well, back to I-55. We should invest in our own gas station. But, it is well worth it for a visit with some of our favorite people. Happy Friday!

P.S.- Toby, this makes 2 posts in one week...I'm trying.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Verbal recap

No visual documentation, so I'm going to break my rule of not being too verbose and give a verbal recap of the weekend. So if you read all of this post, you win a prize...

1. I've been craving a really fun wedding weekend lately. Good parties are hard to come by in your late 20s (how sad). As much as I might like to brag that Isaac and I spend our weekends on Beale Street, you all know that would be a lie (Isaac would probably be up for it, but I'd rather go to bed at 9). So, Saturday night I got my fill of a good party. How do I know it's a good party....there was a tambourine in my hand for hours!  I must admit, as a person with little rhythm and no musical talent, the tambourine is my FAVORITE instrument. My dear friend Hollee Cheek got married this weekend, and I displayed my stellar tambourine skills all night long. It was a blast, my feet hurt the next day. Maybe I'm getting too old for that kind of movement.

The bride and groom were quite the couple. We waited for Oprah to arrive, but she must have been held up...

2. Backtracking a little...I've never been a talented speaker or even a good conversationalist. Sometimes, on rare occasion, when I think of something clever or insightful, I get so excited that I botch it up. Perfect example: rehearsal dinner toasts - as witnessed Friday night. Sorry Hollee, not even sure if I made sense...but it was great in my head, before I opened my mouth. My husband would say that is why some girls tend to do skits, write poems, songs or just spelling out a name in some clever way (guilty of all). So, next time, I'll sing a song

3. Homesick much?? Well, I do have quite the history of, camp counselor, college, nights at friends' houses when I was young. It was problematic for a while. Thankfully, I've moved on... except after a couple of weekends in Mississippi surrounded by old friends and sweet family. It always gives us the urge to be a little closer (don't get too excited mom, we aren't moving).

4. So, back to the grind...not really, we are enjoying a cool day on the deck. James wants to show off his skills. He can't talk (I promise it's not a reflection of my capabilities as a speech pathologist) but he knows a few body parts and gives some impressive smooches.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I hope to make Easter a more significant holiday in our family's life than the norm. Everyone can get behind a holiday that involves cute clothes, candy and looking for colorful eggs hidden by a big fuzzy bunny. What kid isn't up for that? But how lasting will it be if we can make James excited about celebrating our Risen Lord. I hope that next year, when James is a little more cognitively advanced (not that he isn't pretty bright already) we can find ways to create delight in the story of the resurrection and the hope and grace that results. I think we are off to a good start, thanks to the Byrd clan. We worshipped, feasted, delighted in family and yes, threw in a little egg hunting too. I am so thankful for family to celebrate along side us.

 Ready for church- not so sure about these shoes...
 Attempting a family photo before J go too dirty.
 It did not take him long to learn how to open the egg and find the...candy!!
 The girls checking out their stash of eggs.
 Rachel and Mia looking at baby birds.

 At the end of the day, he looked like this...Happy Easter!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

egg hunting

James had his first Easter egg hunt last weekend. He was a little overwhelmed with the sheer mass of children present (Matt and Katie Futrell are very gracious hosts and very brave).

Who wouldn't be a little unsure of themselves with this crowd...
(James is on the far right)

So, when the hunting started, James needed a little prompting. He quickly grabbed one egg for his left hand and one egg for his right hand. He refused to put them down, so he was finished hunting. I think he was going for more quality than quantity. James soon realized there was candy in the egg and decided to just chew the wrapper until the chocolate oozed out. You can't say he isn't independent. (He also ate several half-eaten donuts...a little sugared up??).


We are excited about a weekend with family in Lousiville. Time is flying. This guy is getting too big, too quickly.

His latest tricks/skills include: throwing balls (and other inappropriate objects), climbing furniture, pretending to brush his hair, throwing things in the garbage (and sometimes taking them back out), scribbling with sidewalk chalk, blowing all of his food as if it is hot, saying all done/up (a million times a day)/my turn/ball/bye bye (for bird--not sure why)/hat/head.

Happy Easter to all...