Monday, October 26, 2015

On the mend

Last week was a doozie. William came down with hand foot mouth, which is brutal. After about a week of crying, sleepless and no daycare, we are back to "normal." Thomas had a good week last week. His oxygen was removed early in the week. His growth continues to be slow. Today he's 3 weeks old and is almost back to birth weight. They have been adjusting the calories in his milk and the amount of milk hoping for the right combination to help him gain weight. Today he weighs 2 pounds, 12 ounces. The goal for the next 2-3 weeks is to gain weight and to slow his respiratory rate. But overall, he is doing great...thank you for praying! God has a plan for this little one and He is confident in his plan, even when we are not. I'm reminded everyday that God loves and cares for Thomas more than I do...I should always rest in that promise for all 3 of my boys.

"We went through fire and water, yet you brought us to a place of abundance."

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